Computer Repair • Networking • Website Design • Company Promotions


Individual or Commercial

We provide services in all areas of computing, both individual and commercial, as well as creating an online presence  – websites and social networking.

We are familiar with the whole range of Adobe design and production products such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

In addition to software based design, we also offer a wide range of hardware computer services and tuition. From personal computer re-invigoration, where your computer is slow and in need of new RAM, SSD or PCI-e Hard Drives, or just a full upgrade, we can help.

Software Services

  • Domain Names
  • Hosting Services
  • Website design 
  • Blogs or News sections
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Google Campaigns
  • Social Networking Profiles
  • Software Installation / OS Upgrades
  • Design Services – Stationary / Logo etc

Hardware Services

  • Networking Installations
  • Cable runs
  • Router installation
  • Router troubleshooting
  • Computer hardware upgrades
  • Hard drive cloning / repair / upgrades
  • File retrieval from wiped drives
  • Broadband / Internet issues
  • Mac or PC experience
ableSEO Apple computer design services

Search Engine Optimisation

Promoting Your Business On The Internet

Search Engine Optimisation Graphics Illustration

An Ever Changing World Of Technology

The world of websites and business promotions is an ever changing place. With websites now being over 25 years old, there has been a lot of change in recent times to how they are designed, function and look. As a result, this is especially relevant with regard to the numerous devices now used to view websites and the information held within.

Websites With Flair And Functionality

We create websites as per the customer requirements and quote directly for each design. As well as bespoke designs, we can also use templates to reduce the cost to the customer where appropriate if they desire. We can create websites in WordPress to enable a fully responsive website with the ability of adding plugins where required. This also allows for customer access to create users and blogs etc.

Fresh Is Good

Google are regularly updating their search algorithms to ensure a fair reflection of online presence relating to individual companies. Therefore, Google does not encourage excessive SEO techniques and as such displays higher quality websites at the top of Google’ search results. They take a lot of information in calculating the relevance of search results and they depend on many factors.


To assist in obtaining better results on search engines, we advise your company promotes itself on social sites, a service which we can provide for you. 

Analyse your business strengths

Analyse your Strengths

Know where to target your advertising

Competitive Pricing

We have an individual pricing approach

We also offer very competitive prices for our whole range of services in London and the UK. Because we are a small company we are able to offer a friendly and personal approach with our services tailored to the customer on an individual basis. As a result, the pricing reflects this with a tailored quotation for each job.

More emphasis is now being placed upon social networking sites and websites with current relevant content which appeals to the visitor. Because we work closely with our customers we adhere to Google’s rules and regulations while creating the most effective website to attract potential customers.

Tailored Service – designed just for you

A detailed individual analysis

Either you are going for a new website, or rather you are just updating, we will carry out a study of your site to see what issues need to be addressed. We also identify the amount of work required to produce a site that Google will recognise and promote. We then give an open and honest quotation for the amount of website adjustment required.

In conclusion, contact us today for a detailed analysis on how we can improve internet traffic to your business. This, in turn, will probably increase sales. Either go to the contact page to see how we can help you or send us your requirements.