A great new office cleaning company in London

Who is Oakmont Cleaning Services London?

A relative newcomer in the office cleaning circuit of the United Kingdom, London based Oakmont Cleaning. It has a great new website advertising all the services and more that you would expect of a cleaning company in London.

Taking our first look at their website (not designed by us we might add!), first impressions are very good. Well laid out and good on the eye, it gets the information across to the client nicely enough.

Making good use of great images of offices in and around London, the website has a dark theme to it, which we think works very well.

Their initial intro states they have a “different approach”. What does that mean? They say the difference with their cleaning company, and what makes them stand out, is they are the most dynamic and efficient cleaning company. Being a newly created company, they have the advantage of getting new working practises in early and at ground roots level.

That’s got to be an advantage surely?

A nice claim to make is the “Unrivalled quality of service”. They have clearly been able to set out a good basis for their cleaning business.

Hopefully they will be able to deliver and obtain a well deserved reputation for one of the best cleaning companies in London?

What do Oakmont Cleaning Services do?

Click the images below to see.


How do you get in touch if you have offices in London?

Give them a shout via the contact page or by sending an email to contact@oakmontcleaning.com

Once the coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown is over, who do I call to deep clean the offices in London?

At the time of creating this page, the lockdown is still very much in effect in London. We all want to stop germs from spreading.

But when this is over, there are a lot of companies in the UK and particularly in London who will require deep cleans. A good number of cleaning companies in London will be most certainly required. Oakmont should be included in this call to clean. They are a younger more vibrant company with the fresher approach to dynamic cleaning. We think they should be considered very highly on the list of go-to companies to get yours clean and up and running again.

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