SEO and the credit crunch in London

Looking after the pennies

The team at ableSEO are as conscious about the recent economical predictions as most of you are. We all have to take stock of how we present out business and wether there will be customers greeting us at the other end.

Businesses need to target their advertising more directly than ever before. Paying for the wrong type of business promotion can lead to further problems, especially when finances are under scrutiny.

Search Engine Optimisation is a great alternative to physical advertsing such as phone books and online paid directories such as yell.

With the correct amount of SEO, your company can promote itself within the online domain. It can target the exact type of customer it requires and increase business accordingly.

Prospective customers to your business can now afford to be more choosy and scrutinise the business more. This puts more pressure on the website and listings to be up-to-date and information rich. Both these things actually help online promotions anyway! So start straight away, because other businesses and even your main competition may have already started optimizing their site.

We have the very latest blog technology which links directly to RSS feeds, enabling you to update your website and keep the information contained within it as the customer would like to see it.

This will make your business more attractive to search engines and therefore likely to appear nearer the top of search engines such as Google.

This of course means more visiblity on the internet and more visits to your site.

Once the person clicks on your website, they need to be kept interested. If the information or products or services they are looking for are hard to find, they’ll go elsewhere.

If your website needs updating, now is the time to do it. We can of course help you update or redesign your website.

If your database is running slow or is out of date, we can upgrade it for you, or introduce a new database.

All of these things are possible with us, and you will get great results.

Spend your money wisely and you will see results.